health plan challenge let us put your health plan to the test

Health Plan Challenge

How does your Company rate?

Take the Anista Health Plan challenge and see how your program rates in our “Bring value to your bottom line” barometer.


Do you have an Employee Health Plan?

We are in the process of developing one

How big is your company?

1-20 employees
21-100 employees
100-300 employees
301-500 employees
500+ employees

How often do you hear from your Employee Benefits organisation?

Not often

When was the last time you saw your health fund?

Within the last month
2-3 months ago
3-6 months ago
6-12 months ago

What measuring functionality does your program have?

It's immeasurable
It has to be done manually and is a slow process
Quarterly reports generated automatically
Weekly reports generated automatically

How would you rate your employees' awareness of the health plan?

Not good, only a small percentage know about it
Staff awareness of the program is around 25-50%
Staff awareness of the program is around 50-75%
All our staff know about the program and are well informed about latest updates.

How often do you review your program?

Once a year
2-3 times a year
I don't

How much does the health program cost per capita annually?

It doesn't cost me a cent, my provider funds the initiative
I don't know

How effective has the program been?

It hasn't been a success
I can't measure results but it seems to have been positively received
I monitor the results and they have been favourable
I monitor the results and they are will above my expectations

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